My first novel, The Whores' Asylum, was published by Fig Tree (a division of Penguin) on 2 February 2012 and is available to order on Amazon, where it's currently averaging 4 stars. It appeared in paperback as The Unpierced Heart on 13 September 2012 - here's the lovely new blue cover:

Want a taster of the book? Here's a video of me reading an extract from the book at London Lit 2 in June 2011. 

Literary agent(s)
My primary literary agent is the New York-based Vicky Bijur, who saw one of my stories in the wonderful Slice magazine and got in touch. Believe it or not, these things do happen ... My agent in the UK is Arabella Stein of Abner Stein. Currently, UK, Czech and Italian rights to the book have been sold - the Czech edition was published by Euromedia in July 2012 and the Italian edition will appear in 2013.

Novel extracts
Here's one from The Whores' Asylum in .Cent Magazine, to whet your appetite.

... and here's one from the book I'm currently writing - also set in the Victorian period - on UEA's NewWriting.net.

Short stories
Here are some links to short stories I've had published online. My short stories tend to be either modern or magical realism, but I'm working on some more historical ones which will hopefully appear somewhere soon.
Text stories:
The King of Hearts - A twisted fairytale and a favourite of mine, which appeared on Pulp.net
Mufti Day - A grieving widower finds solace in his wardrobe. First published on Untitled Books. I love the artwork on this, by Claire Buttery. 
The Fan - "Of course, all writers are impotent," says Marta ... Pulp.net again.
The Beginning of the End of the World - Based on a very weird dream I had, and boasting one of my favourite titles, this won second place in a competition run by On The Premises.
Homebody - Cherry works at a rural petrol station, but dreams of Macchu Picchu ... published in You Are Here. 
The Pomegranate - A new take on an old, old tale, at Notes from the Underground.
Quarantine - A little bit of dystopian sci-fi, first published in Mslexia.
Audio stories:
Juice (Video) - A flash fiction (enjoy actress Rose Condo's genuine Deep South accent) performed at Liars' League Leeds in 2012.

Picture Postcard - (MP3) Another flash read by me and  published on FourThirtyThree, about a musician stuck in an out-of-season seaside cottage, with a full heart and an empty fridge ...

The Experiment - (MP3) An impoverished art student takes part in a medical trial. Short Story Radio recorded this one, and it's read by fellow author (and actress) Julie Mayhew.
Mummy Feels - (MP3) As the Storytails summary says, "a letter from home the little tyke may well remember for a long time!" Read by me. 
I've had a couple of one-act plays published by Samuel French, which have been performed in places as far-flung as Kansas and Dar es Salaam. If you like the look of them, and want to put them on, please contact French's. Let me know when and where you're doing them, and I might even come along to support!
Half-Life - A journalist kidnaps a fading movie star turned politician. Is she after a story - or something more sinister?
Open Secrets - A spy walks into a bar ...
I don't write as much poetry as I used to, but some of the stuff I've had published or which has won prizes is available below.
Vertigo - This won the Frogmore Poetry Prize a while back, and I still think it's the best poem I've written or will write - hence turning to fiction :)
Banquo and Green Fingers - Two poems published in the fabulously named Absinthe Literary Review. 
Yes, I write them too - book (the script/dialogue) and lyrics. I make my writing partner Luke Bateman do the hard stuff (i.e. the music). We've had three musicals showcased and one full production of our pitch-black seasonal comedy All I Want for Christmas at the Jermyn Street Theatre. 

The Whores' Asylum
The Whores' Asylum
My first novel - available from all good bookshops, and Amazon.
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